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These options are meant for people with slightly older hardware.
Disabling the more advanced bells and whistles should considerably speed up the site in some cases.
For now, it is neccessary to be logged in for these changes to take effect.
As usual, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Animated Fog
Homepage Background Transitions
  • 1- I have an idea/request for a new feature, can I let you know?
    You sure can! Olease use the feedback form in the top menu to share your ideas with me and there's a good chance I'll add them in as long as they're feasible.
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  • 2- Your're awesome! How can I help?
    The best way for you to help right now, besides providing moral support through your awesome encouragements, is to simply spread the word and share the site with your friends on twitter and facebook and on your favorite forums or on your youtube channels! Thanks by the way!!!
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  • 3- I found a bug
    Please tell me of any and all bugs you find. That's why I have the bug report form accessible from the main menu. But know also that depending on the severity it may take time before I can get around to fixing it.
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  • 4- I hate your advertisements!
    Please understand that at the time of launch I am several thousands in the red from having paid a professional graphic designer for all the graphics you see (and don't yet see) on this website. Also, monthly hosting fees are close to 300$ a month and rising! It will likely be more than a year before I even break even on the money I've invested in this website.. and that doesn't speak of the hundreds of hours I spent programming! So please don't mind the ads... and I would REALLY appreciate it if you didn't use an Ad Blocker on my website (you can whitelist my domain manually). I may offer some kind of premium membership in the future for those that would like to support me and not see any ads.
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  • 5- Why can't I rate the submissions?
    There was a lot of abuse with the previous rating system and while I do intend to add a rating system to the new website, I want to make sure I get it right to prevent the abusers.
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  • 6- I had previously submitted characters to your masseffect2faces.com website and now I have no control over them!
    If you had provided an email with your previous submissions then you should have received an email with instructions on how to claim them as your own on the new site. Otherwise you can use the CLAIM button found on the imported submissions but first you'll need to register a free account on the forums. You'll also be asked to provide the "secret" in order to prove that you are the original submitter. If you don't have the secret or hadn't provided one then use the contact form to write me and provide some information that can prove you're the owner. Even if you can't prove it I may still be able to help you, talk to me.
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